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Your destiny has changed. You typed a specific domain name into your browser. One we own. Your Domain Name is your lifeline. Say your domain and folks can get all the info they need. So stand out from the crowd and make sure your domain is easy to spell, easy to remember and easy for word of mouth.
Location! Location! Location! Long term and short term leases, joint ventures, build to suit, advertising and a host of other options and solutions. Our domains come with "Type In Traffic" (visitors, foot traffic) that pay dividends nearly every day of the year!
Fuel runs a car, TRAFFIC is what fuels the net ...
No other commodity in the history of mankind has ever gone up in value faster than a GREAT domain name. No stock, no diamond, no gold, no land. Why? What would it do to your business if your site (Your MOUSETRAP) could only close 1 sale in 10,000 visitors while your competitor is closing 500 sales with the same amount of visitors. You may be buying worthless traffic! MUD instead of OIL!
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I have your customers locked up right here ...
3,000,000 people a month type in our domain names on the browser bar. Folks like you are looking for something specific. Something you might not have found with search with all the spamming and sucky results. I also want to talk to the businessman that is losing business. I have your customers locked up right here. You will pay for crap and the real folks are here and they are pissed!
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A GREAT domain name can grow your business ...
lead to greater market share, and if you fall asleep at the wheel be prepared for someone to come and disrupt your entire industry no matter what industry you are in. Branding without increasing sales is not branding at all. Branding without using every tool is not building brands it is destroying brands. Branding is a buzz word that means little. SALES is what pays the bills and the salaries.
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